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Oxford University - History

"Getting into Oxford University is my dream since I was young. I felt so lucky to have found M.I.N.T. M.I.N.T. was my mentor guiding me after I failed my first application to Oxford. M.I.N.T. helped me regain my confidence and worked alongside with me. M.I.N.T. encouraged me for a second try and helped me in interview preparation for a year. With the help from M.I.N.T., I gave it another go and finally I got into Oxford."



Hong Kong International School - Year 9

​"I met M.I.N.T. when I was only 9 years-old (Primary 3) and M.I.N.T. quickly discovered my learning abilities and tailored my learning plans. I remember I was already studying A-level Mathematics when I was Primary 5.
M.I.N.T. suggested me not to skip grades and throughout these years, M.I.N.T.  focused on inspiring me to be an all-rounded individual, exploring and discovering my other interests, not just focusing on my best subjects.  M.I.N.T.'s approach helped keeping my thirst of knowledge and I truly enjoy exploring other subjects."



Concord College - Year 11

"I wanted to study abroad after a trip to UK. Luckily I found M.I.N.T., it helped me build my confidence, helped me get ready for overseas studies, including individual coaching to equip me with knowledge, as well as sharing with me some overseas study tips and experiences in UK. M.I.N.T. then introduced me to Concord College and I am now studying there. I am so happy that finally I got a chance to study abroad and I am very grateful for M.I.N.T.'s help."



King's College London- Engineering 

"My cousin studied in Concord College and she introduced me to M.I.N.T.. M.I.N.T. lined up a meeting with me and Mr. Hawkins, the previous Principal of Concord College. I was deeply inspired and decided to continue my studies at Concord College.
I had a great time at Concord and with the help of the teachers and M.I.N.T., my grades improved significantly. I was able to achieve AAA in my A-levels and got into Engineering at King's College London. I am very thankful for M.I.N.T. for creating this opportunity for me to transform into a better person and to be able to find my right path." 
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